5 Simple steps to Quit marijuana addiction in Less Than 20 Days!

5 Simple steps to Quit marijuana addiction in Less Than 20 Days!

Is the smoking weed addiction holding you back from living your life? It is not only affecting your physical and mental health but also your job, education, and family.

 Are You Ready to Take the big step?

  •  Are you ready to get out from the dark room into the sunshine?
  • Are you ready to quit smoking weed?

If yes, then you’re at the right place. We know quitting can be hard, but you are doing this for something better. So stay hard, don’t give up.

Now you’ve decided to finally get over this addiction and start living your life in a healthy way again. No matter how hard you try, you can’t quit. So, you’re digging in how to stop smoking weed. So, keep the pot aside and read on!

Here Are :- “5 Simple Steps To Quit Marijuana Addiction in Less Than 20 Days!”


THC is the key ingredient in marijuana. Once you inhale it, it quickly reaches out your lungs and then to your blood to get you high. From there the get into your fat cells and stay there for months. These stored metabolites of marijuana make it harder for you to quit smoking weed. While they are still in your body, marijuana is released slowly into the blood.

This may give you emotional mood swings. Sluggishness, stomach pains, headaches and lack of focus. But the worst of them is, they will give you cravings to smoke more marijuana.

You already have a lot of toxins in your body so; detox is important in quitting marijuana. Most people fail just because they do nothing to help detoxify their body. Detox for marijuana will help you get rid of all the toxins from your body and will also help stop cravings. This will help you quit marijuana easily.


Will power alone won’t help you quit smoking marijuana. With all the mental effects there will be some physical effects you’ll notice. They can be not being able to sleep, sluggishness, feeling depressed or something missing. So, re-build what you think about marijuana. Give yourself the desire to quit smoking weed.

Think about what is on the other side. You’ll have a clear mind, better thinking, and focus. Good health and relationships. More money and a renewed energy. You won’t be dependent on weed for anything. You can have control of yourself, and all this would be worth the fight against weed.


When we try to quit something, that thing tends come right in front of us in a vivid image. So to stop this, what you got to do is imagine yourself doing that activity or anything that represents it. Now, imagine a controller in your hand which controls the intensity of the image or how white or dark it’s going to get. Imagine yourself pressing that controller so that slowly, slowly that image is getting whiter and whiter to a point where it is completely white.

Now take a deep breathe and do this whole process again, faster and faster to the point where you will no longer be able to see yourself doing that activity. What happens here is you are changing your image. You are subconsciously losing that habit. If we imagine yourself doing it, our mind takes us there, but if you aren’t to imagine this, you won’t do it. Sweet and simple

Pro Tips:-

  • Cut yourself out from your friends, especially the ones you used to smoke weed with. No calls. No messages. Nothing. Hanging out with them would tempt you towards smoking again.
  • Use a sedative. When you quit, you will toss and turn all night long, but you need sleep, so use sedatives that will give you a proper sleep at night.
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Throw out all the distractions. Be it lighters, matches, roach clips, bongs or containers; throw them out. Flush out the entire remaining weed you have. If you have a dealer, delete his number.
  • Keep yourself engaged in better activities like sports, music, dance or whatever you like, so you don’t have time fo distractions.
  • Eat healthy food, try some yoga and exercises. Get yourself a healthy social group and avoid places that can tempt you to smoke again
Choice is Yours But Don’t Be Late

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